Buying a house is a responsible matter what to take into account

Acquisition of a house is a responsible business. This is more important than buying an apartment. And all for the reason that the buyer considers the appearance of the structure the main criteria. On sale, if the building was impressed outside, then everything else fades into the background. After the cosmetic repair, the house will simply be perfect. It seems that only an attractive fence will complement the picture. And so, having scanned, the buyer signs the contract and becomes the happy owner of a chic structure. Of course, this state of affairs will delight the seller. But when the buyer, who purchased the house in a hurry, carefully examines his new acquisition, and understands that not everything is as perfect as it seemed initially. Simple cosmetic repairs are simply not possible to do, there are problems with the base of the house and the roof. In order not to get caught, when examining the structure, one should have some endurance, patience and willpower. The most optimal solution would be to take with you to inspect the designer or architect.

First you should carefully check the foundation around the entire perimeter of the house. If even small cracks are detected, it is worth serious about the need to purchase such a house. And with obvious cracks, the inspection of this structure can be completed. If everything is in order with the basis, it is worth moving on to inspection of the walls. Of course, you need to determine in advance what the house should be – wooden, brick, from foam blocks, shells and so on.

Wooden buildings are environmentally friendly, they are characterized by increased thermal insulation. Houses made of foam concrete blocks are considered reliable and durable. But such buildings must be covered without mandatory siding or brick. Brick buildings are very reliable in their design, but there should not be any cracks on them. An equally important point is the roof inspection. The proportion of the moisture could not penetrate the walls and foundation, the edges of the roof should go beyond the edges of the wall by 50 centimeters. There should also be water -transporting gutters that are tightly attached to the roof. If all this does not happen, moisture will always fall on the walls and the foundation. In this case, the state of the house will soon be emergency.