Causes of the popularity of real estate on the shore of Spain

If we compare all the states of the Mediterranean, first of all, pays attention to its bright history and beautiful culture – Spain. Tourists from all over the world come to sunbathe here, enjoy a magnificent rest and architecture. Many visitors willingly buy at home and remain to live in this country. Spain has a fairly high level of well -being of the population, which gives rise to a great demand for real estate in this amazing country. Investing money in a crisis is not an easy task and not just find profitable projects. One of the options for profitable investing at the moment is the acquisition of real estate on the coast of Spain.

Real estate in Spain is deservedly in demand in the global housing market, housing prices are much lower compared to prices in the Russian market. And if you add here a magnificent climate, an amazingly clean sea and high indicators of the quality of life, it becomes obvious that the acquisition of an apartment or villa in this European country is absolutely profitable. The best investment in real estate is in resort areas, such as: Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. We must not forget that the owner of this real estate becomes its owner with the right to reside in Spain. Also, ownership of real estate – a guarantee for receiving a Schengen visa for a year at the embassy, ​​which gives the owner of the villa or apartment the right to enter, accommodation and exit to any country in the European Union.