Classification of apartments: which option to choose

If there is a need to change the area or city, increase the area of ​​the apartment or to leave with relatives, it makes sense not to sell the existing real estate, but to exchange the apartment for the right.

This process can be done according to various schemes. Here are the most common of them:

Exchange of the apartment with surcharge

This scheme includes a housing exchange with a surcharge (the difference between the cost of changing apartments). Naturally, the side of which is cheaper is paying extra. This scheme is used in the exchange of various apartments, with different area, various types (houses and apartments, rooms and apartments, etc. D.), the exchange of one apartment by two, since the total cost of two apartments will always be higher than the cost of one. You can also exchange with the surcharge of the apartment in various areas. For example, two completely identical apartments in the sleeping and central district, in the provincial city and the capital, etc. D. Next, an independent examination is carried out in order to set the cost of objects, subsequently and the amount of surcharge.

Exchange of an apartment without surcharge

With this scheme, the exchange occurs between owners with approximately the same real estate, with the same cost. For example, an exchange without surcharge will be convenient when moving within one area, for example, closer to the place of work. Also, according to this scheme, the exchange of various apartments is possible, whose characteristics are strikingly different, but nevertheless their price is at the same level.

For example, it is possible to exchange apartments for a house, or an apartment and a room for real estate of a larger area. Exchange without surcharge is used extremely rarely, since real estate with the same value can be very difficult to find, and the owners do not always agree to exchange. Whatever way is chosen, the main thing in these operations, so that they are carried out with the involvement of an experienced realtor and with the preparation of an official agreement.