Classification of architecture of country houses

The architecture of country houses is often changing. This circumstance is due to new materials, styles and directions in construction. However, despite this, architectural masterpieces are sometimes found that do not lose their relevance over time, for example, t. To. Property in Spain. The fashion race in the field of construction is the privilege of elite villages, the suburban buildings of the economic class less modernized, for the reason that the main goal in their construction will fit into the existing budget, and not stand out from the crowd. The location of the cottage has a huge impact on its architecture. For example, in the architecture of the Rublevo-Uspensky and Novorizh villages, the classic style prevails, and the villages in the Dmitrov direction are created in the Alpine style, as the terrain has this. It turns out the brand of the village, expresses a direct impact on its architecture. When selling cottages in the village, developers voice the legend, from which the name of the village comes. There is another option for obtaining architecturally the same village: a special project is created for the development of the area for a particular country, because each of us has a favorite vacation spot, in a country, buying a cottage in this village, the buyer partially fulfills his dream