Distinctive features of a mortgage in Moscow: what to pay attention to

Experts from the organization of Penny Lane Realty decided to draw up a rating of the cost of a loan in sixty different countries of the world, taking into account the cost of housing, payments for the introduction and opening of a loan account taking into account the average rate.

The basis of calculations decided to take a regular loan for Russian citizens in the amount of 122,250 thousand euros or five million rubles for twenty years with an initial contribution of thirty to a second percent. As a result of comparative analysis, it became clear that in our country for twenty years it would have to be given two and a half times more than received. But, for example, in Denmark in only 1.11 times more. The ten leading countries included the EU states and the UK. Japan, Canada and the USA were in the first twenty. Russia was in a very modest 47th place.

According to the research of the international credit market, it became clear that the greatest concern is manifested towards citizens of such Scandinavian states as: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. If we take into account that the average salary of a resident of Russia for 2010 was 464.2 euros, and a resident of Denmark 4334.9 euros, it turns out that the average resident of Denmark for the payment of a loan for housing pays only 13% of his monthly income, but a resident of Russia gives almost the entire salary to repay a mortgage.

“This compiled rating is able to once again show that in Russia there are extremely lacking measures to develop the mortgage sphere,” Roman Stroilov, who holds the position of director of corporate and private lending, Penny Lane Realty. – For ten years, the market does not strive to develop, real estate lending has not become more affordable for most residents of the country. 70% of monthly payments in Russia are only the cost of interest, while in European countries everything is completely different. Even in Moscow, in which the income level is three times higher than at least compared to other cities of the country. People are still forced to give more than half of their wages for repaying a loan. It seems to me that the Central Bank of Russia is obliged to issue cheap loans to commercial banks to provide citizens of the country of mortgage loans. With a rate of six percent per annum, about seventy percent of the population could resolve apartment issues by resorting to a loan ”.