Distinctive features of apartments in the city of Bukhara

Bukhara City – is one of the most ancient settlements of Uzbekistan. Bukhara is a big city with its history. Ancient architecture has been preserved in this ancient city. Many historical attractions entail tourists. Bukhara City – Museum City. The city of Bukhara is an important economic center of Uzbekistan – industrial enterprises, medical and educational institutions are located here. The textile industry is very developed, oil production and processing are underway, also widely developed traditional crafts of Uzbeks. You can also find out how to find a job here. Real estate in Bukhara rose in price over the last five -year plan. When compared with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, then Uzbek real estate is relatively cheap. The average one -room apartments in Bukhara cost from 18 to 25 thousand conditional units. The cost of the apartment is significantly affected by the location of the apartment and the availability of communications. There are such real estate in Bukhara that are not at all provided by water supply and heating, interruptions in the supply of electricity and gas occur. These factors significantly reduce the price of the sold object. The price of such housing with deficiencies ranges from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. The most expensive apartments and houses in Bukhara are located in the central part of the city. A prestigious apartment in Bukhara will cost the new buyer from 40 to 50 thousand at. e., and the mansions will cost a little more. The main part of real estate in Bukhara is residents of the city who are going to work in Russia and other countries of the world. A significant impact on pricing in the city is affected by the construction. The construction itself in the city is almost stopped and the real estate market does not expand, which limits the number of options. The absence of new buildings was influenced by the rise in price of building materials, most of which are imported from the Russian Federation and other neighboring countries