Distinctive features of commercial real estate

The investment market in commercial real estate in our country has recently been quite favorable for their development. The maximum popularity among investors is office premises. The demand for such objects was very high, because all the proposals quickly became in demand. The situation has changed dramatically at the beginning of 2010, when the development rate of this market segment decreased markedly. The completely predicted period of the decline has come after the phase of rapid growth. At this point, the owners of commercial property had to recognize the fact that we should expect a rapid decrease in the number of contracts. Also obvious was the fact that the market will soon be able to return to those prices that existed before the crisis. A small decrease in selling prices in combination with a sharp decrease in rental rates was characteristic of this sphere. Great doubts arose among potential buyers of commercial areas. They either remain as tenants, believing that sales prices will still decline, or decide to buy, thinking that the cost can increase sharply, returning to the pre -crisis level. Experts advise investing funds now, as the rapid development of the commercial real estate market is predicted.