Distinctive features of Moscow new buildings: what to take into account

You want to improve your living conditions? Or do you want to live separately from your parents or vice versa to reserve your children? You want to invest free money with the benefit? If you gave a positive answer to one question, then you should definitely think about the acquisition of real estate.

First of all, you should decide on the budgets and solve the question of which housing you will purchase: secondary or primary. After that, you should start studying the real estate market in the suburbs and Moscow.

The difference between a new building and secondary housing can reach up to 40%, this argument is an excellent fact in order to wait about two years and move into such a long -awaited apartment in a new building. As soon as the state commission takes the apartment and transfer it to the category of secondary housing, the cost of it will increase significantly.

There is only one minus in the purchase of real estate in a new building if you decide to buy it on a mortgage or by installments in Moscow even at the construction stage. Settlement is carried out only after the construction of the house and acceptance in the State Commission is completed. After that you have to independently carry out repairs, so this will also require a certain time.

There are much more advantages in acquiring primary housing, they can be considered: clean modern buildings, modern, cozy layout of the apartment, new communications, your neighbors will have the same social status as you, the presence of modern infrastructures. Since most often such development is complex: a whole microdistrict with shops, kindergarten, underground parking and so on is being built.

It is more profitable to buy a two -room apartment, this is the most optimal option, it has a great demand than a three -room or one -room apartment, and in its cost, a two -room apartment practically does not differ from a one -room apartment.

Buying housing in new buildings from the developer is best now. The whole thing is that the crisis caused a significant decrease in prices for them in the apartments market, but it is too early to rejoice at this. This happened to a greater extent due to a sharp decrease in the solvency of citizens, and not as a result of reducing prices for building materials, as many thought. It is only pleasing that according to Aleksey Kudrin, the real estate market will be able to recover very quickly after the crisis.