Distinctive features of skyscrapers in Nyi York

For a long time, people from all over the world came to New York. And it was they who made this metropolis so delightful and diverse. This city is a city that managed to realize world business activity. A huge number of representative offices of various famous firms are focused here. New York is considered the capital of capitalism. And the symbol of this metropolis is skyscrapers that rise high to heaven.

In this article I wanted to raise such a topic as Manhattan skyscrapers. The land in this area of ​​New York is very expensive, and in fact, there are not so many it here. It was for this reason that the skyscrapers began to build. A huge number of famous skyscrapers were built in the thirties of the last century. And during the 20th century the title of the largest skyscraper was carried by various skyscrapers of this city.

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The first skyscraper of this city was today the destroyed Warld-Building. Surely, the most legendary skyscraper is the most recognizable symbol of America is empire-promot-booking. This skyscraper is built in the style of Art Deco. It has one hundred two floors. This skyscraper was considered the highest forty years. It rises up to three hundred eighty meters, and if you take into account the length of the antenna, then – four hundred and three meters.