Distinctive real estate features in the Czech Republic

Real estate in the Czech Republic is in demand among Russian citizens because it is a resort and affordable housing. There are good roads in the country, infrastructure is developed, excellent conditions, moderate prices and taxes for the purchase and grade. Houses contain all city amenities, and there are Internet in the villages. You can buy a house outside the city, where the forest, lakes, rivers – you can rest, enjoying nature. In rural areas, residents reconstruct real estate objects for hotels, pensioners who are in demand among foreign tourists. You can fish, ride a mountain bike, engage in water varieties of sports, and in winter you can ski. Real estate prices in the Czech Republic are affordable, so you can buy and rent out to pay off costs. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the economy is developing with a rapid pace, the standard of living increases, and with them the price of suburban real estate is getting more expensive. The cost determines with factors such as the geography of the district, recreation areas, in the city or outside the city, the technical condition of real estate objects and its age. For example, if you take the price for a cottage in rural areas, then it can cost from $ 1,500 per square meter, a land plot is from $ 500 to $ 1000 for 0.1 hectares of area.