Distinctive real estate features of Turkey

Real estate in Turkey entails those people who want to become the owner of an apartment or a real villa on the shores of the warm sea. Since 2002 in this country, a law entered into force, which allows you to buy real estate objects to residents of other countries. It was from this time that a huge number of foreign citizens appeared in the real estate market in Turkey. It is known that the British set the tone in the world real estate market, who are rapidly trying to determine the attractiveness of any country in terms of buying real estate objects in it. So, it is the British who are traditionally active in the real estate market of Turkey. In this country, at a reasonable price, you can purchase a villa, which will be located within walking distance from the warm sea. Well, if you are interested in cheap cellular polycarbonate. Only there you will find high -quality polycarbonate at a reasonable price and with quick delivery. It is also worth noting that for more than a decade it has been actively acquiring villas and apartments and our compatriots quite actively. But the Kazakhs and Belarusians several years ago had some restrictions on the acquisition of real estate on the Mediterranean coast. For some time, the law on the so-called double law was in force, it meant that if the Turks can acquire real estate objects in the territory of a state, then citizens of this country can acquire housing in Turkey. Nevertheless, some time later this law was canceled. Enterprising Turks decided that this law limits the sale of square meters in their country and withdrew these restrictions. If we consider states that are located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, then it is in this country that the most affordable real estate is proposed. The most important regions of the acquisition of real estate are the Aegean coast, or rather, such tourist centers as Bodrum, Marmaris, Kushadasy, Fethiya, as well as the Mediterranean coast, where Antalya, Alanya, Side and Kemer are located. These places attract foreign investors with an excellent climate and fantastic nature. So, in Alanil in winter, the average temperature in the daytime is 17 degrees. Freezing here is very rare.