Everything is calm in the real estate market: according to the media

The real estate market continues to stagnate. Even the data published by the National Statistical Service of the RA look painful – no dynamics in the market is observed.

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The State Real Estate Cadastre, unfortunately, did not publish a report for November, and National Statutes are not too generous with information. For example, it is indicated that in November, in Armenia, in relation to real estate, 16,507 transactions were made, of which 25.7% are transactions to alienate real estate. However, in the statistical report there is no information about what percentage of these transactions is for transactions for the sale of real estate, what are the number of these transactions for Yerevan, the number of transactions for private houses. There are naked numbers at prices for a square meter of real estate in various communities of Yerevan. Judging by these numbers, the average price of a square meter of an apartment in the center of the capital remains unchanged – 428 thousand. dramas, and this figure has been appearing for more than a month. A similar situation in the Arabkir region – the cost of 1 square meter was stuck at a mark of 356.6 thousand. Drama.

In November, compared with October, real estate prices, according to statistics, were generally slightly changed – apparently, there were few transactions. There is a slight increase in prices on the outskirts of Yerevan. The cost of a square meter in the private houses of Yerevan in November compared to October last year did not change by iot. The same situation with prices for houses in the regions of Armenia. It is not clear whether there were no transactions, or were too lazy to make calculations before the New Year holidays.

And as usual realtors are skeptical of statistical data, arguing that on real transactions, the decline in prices for the year on average amounted to 5-10%, and demand is only for cheap housing. At the same time, real estate real estate in the center of Yerevan notes some growth in the interest of customers in housing in the city center, and this investment interest. True, such interest is not yet supported by the real growth of transactions.