Features of high -rise buildings in the world: what to take into account

Giant skyscrapers that go high in the sky do not cease to delight and cause delight among others. High buildings and structures are currently created around the world, mainly office buildings, for living, such structures are used extremely rare. Many floors, and very large areas distinguish these buildings. But the history of the creation of skyscrapers goes far into the past, when at the end of the 19th century the land prices rose sharply in Chicago at the end of the 19th century, it was decided to build high -rise buildings, to resettle a lot of more people. The construction of the first high -rise building in 10 floors began on May 1, 1884. After that, the skyscrackers began to be built massively in New York. Empire Steit Building is considered the highest skyscraper in New York, it was built in 1931, then it was later built on and thanks to the TV tower its height increased to 443 meters, the building has 102 floors.

The most famous skyscrapers of the world are in America, Russia, Japan and China. Skyscrapers in Russia began to be built during the reign of Stalin. Ostankino Tower is the fourth in height in the world. Of the skyscrapers under construction in Russia, it should be noted the construction of the Moscow City business center, the main tower of which will be about 600 m in height. But the construction of skyscrapers for Russia is economically disadvantageous, since we have enough land, and the cost of building one high -rise building, as well as its further operation, will exceed its actual value. In 2010, a building was erected in Dubai (UAE), which was called Burj Khalifa. The height of this building is 828 meters, it includes 162 floors, and only two of them are non -residential. The building is striking not only its height, but also in the size of the occupied areas. On its territory there are luxurious apartments, office squares, entertainment centers, a hotel occupying 17 floors. Superfantous elevators are installed in the building. The building is faced with reflective panels to reduce air conditioning costs.