Features of sites on Yegoryevsky highway

During the construction of a country house, the main criterion for choosing a site or a specific project is often a financial issue. Of course, every future owner of the house wants to get all the advantages that life outside the city has, but at the same time do without unnecessary expenses. Plots along the Yegoryevsky highway allow you to solve this problem. Recall that Yegoryevskoye Shosse (it is also often called Kasimovsky) is a highway of regional significance that connects Moscow to Kasimov. The track was laid through the Moscow and Ryazan regions (by the way, just through Yegoryevsk it does not pass). This area is famous for its excellent ecology. There are many coniferous forests, and there are practically no large industrial facilities polluting air. Land plots on the Yegoryevsky highway are considered the most profitable investment of funds. Here is an excellent transport interchange (by the way, the route has a fairly high -quality coating, so even an accident occurs rarely). In addition, today this area is considered very comfortable for living. The fact is that the entire social infrastructure is beautiful here – there are many settlements along the highway, so there is no shortage of medical, sports, retail and entertainment facilities here. So the inhabitants of this region will not feel divorced from modern civilization. At the same time, this direction is not so popular among developers, so the cost of plots is not too large. It is assumed that over time it will grow – as other directions are developed. So you should think about buying today.