Features of the alpine real estate market

Today, the most expensive alpine resorts are resorts such as St. Moritz, Val-Diseri Kitsbuel. It is worth recalling that together with the onset of the economic crisis, many wealthy people from around the world began to look for the most stable and reliable markets to invest their own means. Alps are one of these representatives, since the volume of investments here is constantly growing. Modern investors are going to kill two birds with one stone at the same time, that is, increase capital in the long term, as well as receive a certain percentage of rent. This year, the volume of sales should actually remain below the level of last year. Although those who are looking for elite objects in the most prestigious areas know that the real estate market is still competitive. The cost of housing in the most popular places is also all resistant to crisis. In some areas where a fertile layer does not use the soil, the plant price is quite affordable. Over the past year alone, in most alpine resorts, prices have deviated from the norm of about 5%. Many real estate buyers in the Alps are trying to purchase it not only for rise in price, but also for investment. Some buy either only for themselves, or only for income. The greatest demand for today is the property that is located next to the ski routes. The most popular houses have a pool, spa, home cinema, a lift, a wine cellar with temperature control, balcony, elevator, staff for staff, as well as an underground garage. The most popular country for the acquisition of real estate at a ski resort is France.