Features of the new village on Novoryazansky Shosse 40 km from the Moscow Ring Road

Novoryazanskoye Shosse, 40 km. From the Moscow Ring Road. A new cottage in the forest on Moscow River, next to the Pokrovsky Stavropigial Monastery, the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Total area of ​​300 kV. m., Built on a reinforced belt foundation of 300 mm blocks. Outside, it is finished with stone and decorative texture plaster, insulated, finishing for wallpaper, painting, painting from the inside. Wooden floors, reinforced. Floors – laminate. Doors veneer wood. The staircase is combined. Roof metal tile, windows of triple glass package. 1st floor: glazed veranda, hall, kitchen, room with a second light, 2 bedrooms, s/knot with plumbing, boiler room. 2nd floor: hall, balcony, office, 2 bedrooms, s/knot with plumbing. The comfort of living of both cottages is provided by 220V electricity (perhaps 380), mountain water/hall (well 12 m. Boiler 150 l.). Sewerage septic tank. All communications except gas are divorced around the house and are connected in the final form. Heating – combined boiler. Gas on the border of the site. Plot 18 (actually 30) acres with forest trees (preserved the forest zone), fenced, with landscape design, including decorative pond, stone paths, retaining decorative walls, everything is trimmed with a stone. Free area decorative lawn. On the site garage 4*6 m. from foam blocks 300 mm, from the inside a plastic lining. On the 2nd floor insulated room for security. All communications.