Features of the repair of apartments in Tula: what to pay attention to

The warm floor system with a water coolant is connected, already to the existing heating system of the hot water. The advantage is that it is suitable for all flooring (laminate, tile, linoleum). The very simple installation of a warm floor is a concrete system. The first thing to lay down thermal insulation. This is a very important nuance, by the way we need it so that it would only rise up up, and was directed to heating the rooms, and not spent, in vain warming up the soil. The more heat is directed to the room, the stronger the insulation layer. If you want to order an apartment repair in Tula, we advise you to visit the site

And so we lay the damping tape and lay the plastic film, after that we mount the reinforcement, to attach pipes to it. We fasten the pipes to the reinforcement with plastic clamps. It is better to cut the pipe plastic for hot water, it is sold by bays of long segments and does not require compounds in the floor layer. Also, such a pipe has a minimum expansion property when temperature drops. We settled the pipe with a calculation of 5 meters of pipe per 1kV Paul meter. Laying is carried out spirally with a step of about 25cm. After installing the pipe and connecting the pipe directly to the main heating system, we establish the second layer of the reinforcing mesh. For additional strength and fixing pipes. After installing the pipes, be sure to check by testing the system for tight. The test should take place at least a day and sweat with a pressure of 3-5 atmospheres. The test was successful, the next step will be pouring a concrete screed the entire structure. We put into operation the system only after the screed is completely dried up.