Features of the sale of an apartment with guardianship: what you need to know

Before making a transaction for the sale of housing, in which a minor is registered, a resolution of the guardianship and trusteeship bodies is required to begin with. Despite the fact that in many cases, the intentions of the parents are aimed only at the benefit of their children, when applying for a permit for the implementation of housing through guardianship, various complications may appear and the decision of the guardianship authorities sometimes have to wait a few days. The sale of housing through guardianship is a difficult transaction requiring control.

Permission of the guardianship authorities. For a long period, to complete any transaction that concerned the interests of minors, a written permission of the guardianship authorities was necessary. At the moment, the legislative framework has changed a bit, and now permission is necessary only if the apartment is privatized and the minor is one of the owners. If for various reasons the permission of the guardianship authorities could not be obtained, then the state registration of the transaction is impossible. The buyer should get the consent of guardianship, and it can only be obtained when it is proved that the rights of a minor are not violated. In all other cases, guardianship authorities may make a negative decision. Sale of housing with guardianship. When selling real estate with the further purchase of new housing, a minor needs to apply for registration at a new address until the apartment is saved. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the living conditions in which a minor child will be located should not be worse than the previous ones. Thus, the sale of an apartment through guardianship is a rather complicated transaction that requires knowledge of the laws and the correct organization of the entire process. Quite often, potential buyers, having learned that it is still necessary to coordinate sales with guardianship authorities, refuse an excellent option, even if the rest of them are completely satisfied with. In this case, the owner needs to somehow attract a potential buyer, for example, make a good discount or sell real estate with furniture and heat-tents. In addition, the latter have an important advantage – this is the cost of thermal talents. You can buy them at an inexpensive price in a specialized Fotos store. UA/Shop/TeploVENTILYATORY/. Having visited Fotos, you will certainly find everything you need for yourself. However, it is not difficult to settle these formalities, especially if there is already experience in such transactions.

Therefore, it is best to contact specialists when conducting such transactions. If you plan to purchase an apartment with a guardianship in which a minor is registered, you should make sure that all issues are completely resolved, because if this is not the case, then the transaction may not take place at any time.