Features of the shopping centers of Eastern Europe

Kyiv became the second city of Eastern Europe for the number of standing shopping centers. The leader, of course, is Moscow. In the Russian capital, eighty -five percent of all shopping centers of Eastern Europe is currently being built in the Russian capital. In third place, another Russian city of St. Petersburg.

In the construction of the Kyiv shopping centers, great attention is paid to security. An important component of security is modern warning systems that are designed for emergency and information messages. You can buy a notification in Kyiv on

As for the Eastern European capitals as Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Zagreb and Prague, the shopping centers under construction in these cities are only six percent of the total. Such low indicators can be explained by the fact that the market of shopping centers in these countries is suitable for the saturation stage. The figures showing the number of square meters of retail space per thousand inhabitants can also explain this situation. So the leader of Eastern Europe is Zagreb, where there are seven hundred eighty -nine square meters per thousand inhabitants. For comparison in Kyiv, this indicator is much lower – two hundred eighty -nine square meters.