Gostnner Schweiger institution: Advantages of the service

At an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level in the South Tyrol, a Zaiser -Alm plateau hid – a real paradise for lovers of winter sports.

Here you will find a great place to eat. The institution of the Goster Schweiger according to its service corresponds to a three -star restaurant. They are guided by France Mulzer. When France begins to cook, he always reaches his traditional costume. Menu attached to larch planks – small, but original. To have lunch, you have to have a lot of time. After all, cooking fresh food, not such a quick business. However, all the dishes of France Mulzer are worth waiting for them. One of his branded delicacies is the soup on the hay.”We were here last year, and accidentally stumbled upon this dish. We saw how soup from hay was served on the next table and also ordered it. We immediately fell in love with this dish, ”says a restaurant visitor.”How it tastes? Soup resembles fields and sun rays. That is how I can describe it, ”says the restaurant visitor. Summer hay is added to the soup, which is mowed on mountain pastures. It is served in the closet from which the pulp is extracted. The recipe for hay soup is kept in secret. But he willingly shared his other dish with a recipe.”This is OSSO Barkia from a young pig and corn porridge,” says Chef France Mulser. First, the cook seasons four pieces of pork legs with salt and pepper, lubricates with mustard and fries in very hot oil. Then heses the chopped carrots, celery and onions with a clove of garlic… adds a tablespoon of tomato paste and red wine. Teaches meat in a pan. Pour everything from veal broth and cooks over low heat for an hour. For the preparation of corn porridge, France mixes sour cream with water and cable… proves all this to a boil. Now the time for salt and nutmeg. Then he adds porridge and cooks over low heat for half an hour, stirring from time to time. Visitors to the restaurant especially like a cozy atmosphere and an unforgettable view. Some order fruit pancakes, while others prefer a soup from hay. Well, after an exquisite and rich lunch, it’s time to walk with the beautiful mountain paths of South Tyrole.