How financial capabilities affect the level of housing when renting

You can rent housing in Goa, depending on the financial capabilities of the traveler. The cost of housing depends directly on the season, the location of housing, its quality and size, as well as from the life. With a limited budget, you can opt for a small house, the cost of which is an average of 3-5 dollars per day. The houses on the beach with some comfort are estimated already at $ 15-25 per day, but their main advantage is mainly only in close location from the sea. If you need a decent set of amenities, the cost of such an apartment is already ranging from 600-800 dollars per week of residence. And if it is a upper class housing, then the cost can be $ 1200-1800 per week. Similar prices are for villas or individual houses. These are often chosen by tourists who want solitude and comfortable residence. Today, tours to India are in great demand. Therefore, many travel agencies offer a good choice of short -term tours to this country. The cost of such a ticket, for a week for a week with living in a category of three stars, on average is $ 800-1000. If we talk about the category of five stars, the cost will be marked at the level of 1800-2000 dollars.