How much are foreigners to pay for real estate

Many are afraid that soon Berlin will become a real victim of speculative investments. As many people know, Berlin is currently a hot real estate market for immigrants from those countries that have suffered very much from the crisis. This applies to citizens of Greece, Italy and Spain. It is they who try to pay their acquisitions with the help of cash. Some buyers at this time acquire housing without even paying attention to his condition.

The most popular regions of Germany are PRENTSLUER-BERG, MITTA and KROCBERG. It is here that foreigners have recently moved in the largest number. So, for example, in almost all real estate firms, a third of all customers are visitors. At the moment, there is a large influx of Greeks, Italians and Spaniards. From the citizens of Greece, the greatest interest is felt. The main reason that foreigners began to acquire local real estate is the desire to maintain their money in a more reliable place, that is, away from the homeland affected by the crisis. Germany, and in particular, Berlin is suitable for this perfectly.

Foreigners are ready to pay for reliability, so they very often make up with very high prices. Germany, along with Switzerland, is the most reliable harbor. Constantly expensive rental is not capable of scaring customers, while rising prices only delight foreign investors. For them, this can only mean one thing – in the future, real estate will be much more profitable to sell. Apartments with any cost in Berlin is simply in time.