How much hotels do you need to open in Moscow for the convenience of tourists

Have you ever wondered how many hotels in Moscow. Currently, in the capital there are about 200 hotel enterprises. It is a lot or little? It should be noted that Moscow, by the number of hotel spaces per thousand people (there is such a way to evaluate a proposal in tourism science) loses to other European capitals. For example, Paris or London, Moscow is inferior to this indicator at times. That is why until mid -2008, metropolitan hotels were often crowded, during the days of large industry exhibitions there were practically no free places. Another serious problem that prevented the development of the hotel industry in Moscow was a lack of economy class hotels. In the 1990s and early 2000s, investors were not interested in investing in the construction of new inexpensive hotels. Four – and five -star hotels paid off much faster – it was they who were built in recent years. To satisfy the demand for an inexpensive, but high -quality service at that time could only huge hotel complexes built in Soviet times. Izmailovo Hotel is perhaps the most famous tourist complex, which can accommodate up to 10,000 guests. But even that was not enough. Izmailovsky corps filled 100% (despite the fact that 70% loading in the hotel business is a very good result).However, by the mid-2000s, a deficiency of hotel area of ​​the economy class became obvious. And the city authorities decided to seriously engage in this problem. Programs were developed according to which dozens of inexpensive hotels (including the city center) should build dozens of inexpensive hotels in Moscow.The implementation of this project began quite successfully. Several hotels were commissioned. But the economic crisis, which began in 2008, made its adjustments to this process. On the one hand, investments were reduced and the construction of some objects was curtailed. On the other hand, the demand for hotel services has significantly reduced and, as a result, prices in Moscow hotels decreased. Thus, the situation has changed diametrically: part of the room fund is idle. It is hoped that with the beginning of economic growth, the construction of new hotels will resume. And demand and offer in this industry are finally equalized.