How real estate prices in the Turkish market are growing

In the next year, the entire Turkish real estate market will continue to grow. This is due to the fact that in all cities of this country, very stormy construction is still continuing, while investors are trying to invest new means.

In accordance with the data presented, by the end of this 2012, the entire real estate sector grew by about 1.5% in annual terms. In accordance with the opinions of analysts, this year the Turkish market was not able to open all available potential, since all changes regarding the acquisition of real estate by foreigners were only introduced. With the help of such innovations, the entire sector has already been able to go uphill, so in the next year the volume of investments will also continue to grow. According to the forecasts of modern experts, due to the cancellation of the principle of reciprocity, the total volume of investment investments in the local market amounted to approximately $ 4,000,000. After that, the annual inflow of capital should grow to $ 10,000,000. All Turkish opportunities have more opportunities for investing directly in the real estate market. If we talk about the progress of the program, then the urban planning transformation should be carried out for 6,500,000 houses. Istanbul notes the implementation of large construction of the third bridge directly through the Bosphorus, as well as the construction of the third airport.