How the real estate market is developing in the suburbs

Cottages, apartments in new buildings, apartments of the old fund, commercial premises – regardless of the type, real estate in the suburbs is traditionally popular and love. This is explained by the approximation to Moscow, as well as often developed infrastructure. A country house in the suburbs will be a great place for family holidays, as well as for raising children – clean air, neat ponds, parks and equipped playgrounds are made by Moscow villages attractive for life. Despite the fact that the cost of housing here does not strive for the lower limit of the price level in Russia, yet buying an apartment here will cost cheaper than in the capital itself. In addition, the variety of real estate in the suburbs allows you to choose housing of any type-from modest Khrushchevs of economy class, to the most beautiful cottages in elite villages. But in the suburbs they strive not only for the sake of life near Moscow, but also with the exact opposite goal – to leave the city, distract from city speeds and rhythms and change stone jungle to forest air and a pleasant surface of water bodies. For a pleasant vacation at any time of the year, you can rent a house in the suburbs inexpensively for a day, week, month or season – and you will have a great time away from the bustle of the city, because the inhabitants of megalopolises are needed by no one to rest and communicate with nature. The acquisition and maintenance of your own house or cottage becomes unprofitable – it is often necessary to invest, and you need to look at. Popular in the West, the tradition of holding picnics in the city is actively spreading in our latitudes, so more and more Muscovites, planning weekends and holidays, seek to rent a country cottage or house and either spend a wonderful vacation in nature, or celebrate any holiday – from birthday to the wedding or corporate party.