How to arrange a mortgage: a sequence of actions

The desire to get your own housing, in the event that the entire amount necessary for purchase is not, pushes people to take a loan in a bank. As a rule, a mortgage agreement provides for large sums of money, so the conclusion of such an agreement has a number of features and nuances that need to be taken into account.

First of all, the mortgage agreement is subject to mandatory state registration. In accordance with the requirements of the law, both the borrower and the bank, as the parties under contracts, must have legal capacity and legal capacity. The following is a mandatory written form for a contract of this type. The contract must be recorded by the subject of mortgages, its value, the deadlines for the fulfillment of the obligation, the pledge that ensures the obligation, mutual rights and obligations of the parties, and other conditions by the consent of the parties. If desired, the parties can assure the contract notarized. However, this norm will soon become a compulsory. Therefore, the contract will be more expensive, because the notary services are paid additionally.

State registration includes the acceptance of documents, conduct an examination on them, verification of the legality of the contract, entering the contract to the Unified State Register of Rights Rights and Transactions with it.

The contract is considered concluded from the moment of state registration. Thus, the state gives permission to perform real estate transactions. But if the repair of the Nagorny starters is carried out, then the contract is not necessary. The contract must indicate on what grounds the property, which is the subject of the mortgage, belongs to the mortgage.