How to avoid meeting with apartment scammers

Despite all the efforts of the media to warn the widespread mass of the population about the number of scammers operating in the real estate market, to give an idea of ​​the schemes and methods of their actions, the number of deceived citizens does not become less. After all, it is known that scammers always be one step ahead.

And yet this article may allow someone to avoid traps placed by attackers.

Until recently, countless information agencies flooded the housing market. They offered gullible customers to reward a certain base of apartments at low prices. Ultimately, all calls on these phones did not bring any result, except for meaningless beeps or answers that the apartment is not rented out and did not sell. The number of people’s deceived in this way is calculated tens of thousands.

The time of such offices has passed, but new fraudulent schemes were replaced.

A very common type of deception was the option of renting an apartment for several residents at the same time. The fraudster previously rents an apartment, falses the property about property and offers rent at a very attractive price, provided that it is for a long time. From those who wish, it takes an advance payment a few months in advance and … disappears.

Or no less popular scheme. A potential tenant is shown an excellent apartment for affordable money. It’s just that it will be free after a few days and, in order to fix it behind the client, they offer an advance payment. And rather big – after all, the apartment is so good that there are a whole turn. In a very short time, such a lessor “processes” up to 10 people in this way. Woe-shooters can then call the door of the coveted apartment for hours, but no one will open them.

Real estate market is one of the most profitable and attractive spheres, concentrating a huge number of scammers. After all, they work here with live money. Therefore, the only reliable way to protect yourself from the machinations of attackers is to seek help in solid, proven real estate agencies.