How to book a cottage for a suburban vacation

Many, planning their vacation, consider options for a suburban vacation in the Leningrad region. Thus, it becomes possible to relax outside the city, but if necessary, you can always return to the city. That is why, experienced tourists prefer to relax at recreation centers, because the level and quality there complies with European service standards.

Arriving at recreation centers, tourists are increasingly taking the opportunity to rent cottages. Demand for such a service increases during Christmas holidays and New Year holidays. The advantage of renting cottages is its availability and a relatively inexpensive price, compared to the price of numbers in hotels. And of course, the high quality of buildings with all the joys of civilization: cable TV, Internet, showers, etc. D. There is a parking lot on the territory of the recreation center on which up to 20 cars easily fit. The houses are in close proximity to nature. When you arrive at the base by car, you can safely leave it on the guarded parking lot and immediately plunge into the beauty of the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Want to go fishing – rent a boat with gear and forward. Want to relax directly in the cottage, also – there are all conditions for this. Barbecue platform, wood bath and much more that can diversify and enrich your vacation.

Booking cottages mainly occurs through the Internet resource of recreation center or tourist agency. In this regard, there are certain rules for renting cottages.

Summer, the hottest time in the country – at this time the minimum rental term of the cottage 3 days.

Time of arrival, always stipulated in advance.

As a rule, bedding and final cleaning of the premises are already included in the rental price.