How to build a new house on a plot of land

You are the owner of the land, you can start building a house. First, choose a finished project or make it yourself. The project contains several sections: design, architecture, supply of the house with electricity, water and sewer. The project is tied to the area. The subtleties are taken into account here, such as the distance to the neighboring fence, the turn of the house with a terrace on the water surface of the lake or sea.

Explore the soil and construction of the house to create its foundation. The soil is investigated for strength, acidity, plasticity, the presence of floats and the proximity of groundwater. Livne sewage system, like refueling the Korolev cartridges, requires a creative approach. To maintain excess water, we make special water intakes or a buried drainage network.

Give the time to select the material for the walls of the house and the roof. The creation of ventilation in the house helps to remove condensate and exchange air of external and internal. Competent thermal insulation of the house reduces heating costs and protects structures from destruction. The excellent material for these purposes is polystyrene foam, which perfectly retains heat -insulating properties. Raise roofs are used for low -rise construction, they are insulated using mineral wool, with a layer of at least 20 cm.