How to buy an apartment in Lyubertsy: what to take into account

Over the past few years, the Lyubertsy district, located in the Moscow region, has increased significantly. It is worth noting that along with the growth of the population of the administrative center of the Lyubertsy district, the city of Lyubertsy, the metropolitan developers were seriously activated, so new residential masses appeared in the town, erected in accordance with modern home building technologies. At the moment, new buildings in Lyubertsy are in tangible demand, both among the local population and among the townsfolk of the nearest settlements.

I would like to note that you can buy an apartment in Lyubertsy both in a new house and in buildings, commissioned more than ten to twenty years ago, but it is new buildings that are considered as promising and profitable housing. Explain why new buildings in Lyubertsy are popular among potential buyers is completely easy. First of all, this issue should be considered based on economic considerations. Old houses presented in the secondary housing market are not only cheaper than new buildings, but also depreciate faster.

That is, having bought secondary housing, you most likely cannot sell it for similar money. At the same time, new buildings, only commissioned by developers, are at first enjoying genuine popularity among buyers. Moreover, in the primary real estate market there is a tendency to gradual increase in prices, therefore, it is possible that you can sell the apartment more expensive in the foreseeable future than you initially bought it.

Another advantage of new buildings is hidden in their novelty. Modern technologies for the construction of walls significantly improved the technical characteristics of buildings. Often, new buildings are built from energy -saving wall materials that help improve microclimate in the room. It is also necessary to add that you do not have to install armored doors and metal -plastic windows – they are provided in the apartment by default. Moreover, you probably will not encounter problems traditional for old houses – flowing water supply, leaky roof, worn -out energy networks.