How to buy inexpensive real estate in Italy: Features

In recent years, the opinion has spread that there is no more cheap real estate in Italy only if in the areas of Sicily and Calabria. But this is the south of Italy. If the owner of real estate suddenly wants to travel around the country to the north or even to another country in Europe, then most of the time of precious vacation will go on the road.

Some real estate experts say that it is possible to buy apartments in Italy inexpensively in other areas of the country, for example, in the province of Abruzzo, adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. Real estate here, of course, sells different, but a buyer with up to 100 thousand euros may well become a happy owner of real estate in Italy: houses, apartments, villas and even tanhaus.

However, before buying inexpensive real estate, you need to pay attention to all the subtleties and aspects, for sure it is not just so cheap. Most likely, such housing will require repairs, perhaps even a capital. It is better to think through all the repair in advance in detail: what materials, where and in what quantities will be purchased; where they can be stored; What tools or equipment need to be prepared; who will carry out all the repair work, the buyer himself or hired workers; if hired, then in which company it is better to hire them. At the time of purchase of real estate, answers to all these questions should be found, because it must be borne in mind that it is extremely difficult to organize repairs in an unfamiliar country.

In the presence of limited funds, cheap apartments in Italy are better to buy not where the buyer wants, but where it is already available.