How to choose a land plot for a public center

The quarter in the Hacquili by Catslandrod with an area of ​​4 hectares is built up with two freely standing 11-story houses such as Mesone (T. e. with 2-storey apartments on the principle of the English cottage), four lowercase 4-storey houses mesonet, one 3-story apartment building, one 2-story house and three lowercase blocks of 2-story cottages.

In total, in the quarter of 370 apartments, which corresponds to the density of 92 apartments per 1 ha or is approximately 3,200-3,400 m2 of living space per 1 ha (most of the three-room apartments). Mixed buildings in English large cities, even in London, are used not only with differenttures of apartment buildings, but also when combining the latter with 2-story, mainly blocked cottages, as is the place in the Huckni district. If you need climatic equipment, then you can purchase it in the online store – the first passage. There are ceiling fans, chandeliers of fans, exhaust fans, reverse fans, duct fans, fireplaces, supply valves nod 125 and many more useful equipment..

The generally accepted motivation lies in the fact that within the limits of one enlarged housing estate, housing corresponding to the domestic structure of different groups of the population should be provided. The main traditional English type of housing is a cottage with a small area with it. But for idle, for childless families and older people, the cottage is often less convenient than an apartment building. However, in the internal areas of cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, the share of cottages is nevertheless minimized.

Here, the decisive role in essence is played by the need to increase the average population density to the limits ensuring the profitability of the operation of land, the cost of which is the most large in densely built -up areas of large cities. On this principle, as you know, the latest system of construction zoning of London, in which the leading indicator is not the number of storeys of buildings, but the population density.