How to competently purchase housing with a mortgage

Nowadays, people are accustomed to believe that the easiest way to purchase housing is to take a mortgage loan. But only a very small percentage of transactions passes with the help of a mortgage. Out of 100% of applications for a mortgage, only 60% is approved. Due to the volume of inappropriate apartments for the requirements. Many are sure of the mandatory payment of the mortgage, but this opinion is erroneous. There is a way to get around it. This is a housing exchange option. The first payment to the bank will be transferred after the sale of existing real estate. You will not be approved by a loan for the first apartment, because it may not pass according to the requirements of the bank. It is mistaken that the property is at the disposal of the bank. You have every right to live in a purchased apartment, rent it out, the only problem is that you cannot sell it until the loan is completely repaid. If you want to buy sites along the Simferopol highway, then contact the cottage village “Bank of Lorture”. You can see a map of land on their site. On the sites along the Simferopol highway its own coastline, beaches, forest and a chic view from any site. When delaying monthly payments, banks will put foams for each day of delay. Many are sure that real estate agencies also provide a mortgage, this is a big mistake. Only the bank has the right to provide a loan for the purchase of housing. Banks do not credit houses that are intended for demolition, emergency or unsuitable for housing, condition. With housing, still in unfinished houses, the situation is even more difficult, banks do not give a mortgage for non -existent housing. If the client is insolvenly, the bank makes it possible to exchange the purchased apartment for a cheaper one, and transfer the remaining money to the loan account. When applying for a mortgage, the insurance company must insure the rights to property, property, life and ability of the borrower. If you want to insure your risk, you need to pay and draw up a separate insurance package.