How to competently rent a room for a store

Renting premises for a store is a good thing. Who would argue? If you still do not have enough financial spirit to raise the purchase of a premises or an already existing store in property, you will be rented out. But – if you are not a child prodigy, and do not even have a mother -in -law – an accountant – how can you predict in advance whether the real business will make a monthly rent for you if you have the most existing store that is still existing in the projects. Even if you have enough profits from the store to pay for rental – you will have very little joy from this. Why then it was a whole garden to fence?

First of all – do not rush with conclusions. Try just counting. The special mathematical abilities and knowledge of accounting computer programs are not needed here. First take your monthly fee for renting the premises. You must pay from income, which should, in turn, bring the store. First we collect the costs in one heap. The most basic is rent. Then – in terms of importance – there is a salary of maintenance personnel. Suppose two sellers, cleaning lady, watchman, janitor. Plus here taxes. If, by the way, when you open the store you have tight with money, it is quite possible to agree on the combination of the functions of the watchman and the janitor, the seller and the cleaning lady for the corresponding surcharge. But – we can immediately say that this is permissible only as a temporary measure. The most important stumbling block in such calculations is the inability to predict the average daily profit of the store. Everything is taken very approximately. And from what will remain after payments of the above categories, you will still need to pay taxes on revenue, utility bills will not wait either – fines are growing very quickly. The security company will also require its own, you will not have normal without advertising, the store itself should also develop – but without money it will not work. Do not forget the permanent purchases of the goods – a store and a store to trade goods.

We repeat – all these reasoning are very, very approximate. And they are mainly aimed that you do not expect golden rain from the sky on the first day after the opening of your store. We need to work – and then your store will bring such a profit that is enough for all these expenses, for payment of rent, and even for the purchase of another store.