How to independently expand the living area

One of the most common methods for expanding the living space of a house in nature is the construction of at least one or more floors.

It is worth knowing that any superstructure can only be done when the building has a storage margin of the foundation, there is no vegetable store in the form of a basement under the house, there is no complex decor on the facade, there is a pinch or flat roof. It is also necessary to have an open staircase and vertical communications. The construction of the superstructure is often practiced if there is no free space in the territory for the construction of the extension.

Although if there is such an opportunity, then it is best to refuse the construction of an additional floor, it is better to reorganize the attic into the attic, which is about twenty percent more profitable in cost.

The profitability of the attic

In addition, such an insulated floor will be able to bring benefits when using, significantly reduce heat losses and thereby save on energy consumption. It is also important that the attic floor, unlike other superstructures, does not require any coordination with the supervision authorities.

You should know that all planned extensions to the building should be done in two stages. The first includes the erection of the foundation of the extension, and only in a year you can proceed to the construction of the rest.

The reason is that when all construction work is done in one season, then natural shrinks, together with deformations in the structure attached to the construction, can lead to cracks and other defects, not excluding the walls of the main building.