How to organize a calm dwelling in the capital

Most people believe that it is impossible to live calmly in the very center of the country, in its main city – in the capital. But they are mistaken, because this is a clear indicator that they were not in the capital of Belarus – in Minsk. Unlike Moscow, in Minsk a relatively calm and measured life. Due to the fact that Belarus itself is considered not a large country, whose population is approximately less than ten million people, which are located on the territory of a slightly higher than two hundred thousand kilometers, life flows slowly and sometimes even rutino. But for one who is tired of eternal turmoil, running around and eternal stress, moving to the capital of Belarus can be a good way out of the situation.

If you are interested in this country, and you seriously thought about how to move there, then we can please you, for moving to Belarus, including Minsk, you do not need to bother yourself by collecting a mass of unnecessary waste paper, only a minimum of documents is enough. Firstly, entry into the territory of Belarus is completely free, both for Russians and Ukrainians. You will not have to take visas or invitation papers. For living, you can buy a one -room apartment in Minsk at not high prices and at the same time you can accumulate the amount for it in a few months, because the cost per square meter in Minsk is significantly different from the cost in Moscow or even in Kyiv. Judging by the quality of buildings in Minsk, the local government is very reverent and seriously to building houses in the city. And leaving this, we can conclude that at home in Minsk they are being built responsibly and for centuries, because if you know, in Belarus they are very serious about the work performed and that is why it is not done for conscience, but responsibly. Therefore, if you want a calm life in the capital and at the same time not to deny yourself anything, then welcome to Minsk.