How to purchase a site with views of the forest: Features

The house in the forest is the blue dream of any family man or a creative person. It is good to relax in the house on such a site, raise children or engage in creativity. Forest areas are almost always shaded, which contributes to perfect rest on hot and sunny days, trees protect the estate from the wind well. The placement of the site among the forest cover contributes to isolation and privacy for living. Do not forget to check the voltage stabilizer so that it is working.

The house on the site among the forest lip cannot be placed at its discretion, since the growing trees that are practically placed on the territory of the developer cannot be cut down without a special placement of forest control. A special resolution for deforestation is issued to the developer only if the trees are sick or rotten and may fall. All trees in the region, regardless of whose territory are located, are legally subject to state guardianship. Therefore, the house will have to be placed taking into account the trees growing on it, at best, the developer will manage to place the house with the exit of the terrace on the sunny side and shade of most of the housing. Also, so that the growing forest in the off -season periods does not turn into an impenetrable thicket, it is necessary to carry out periodic clearing and care for sick or broken trees.