How to reduce the cost of a land plot in the suburbs

No wonder they say that having a country house in the suburbs is much more profitable than having an apartment in Moscow. And now it has become even easier to buy a country house in the suburbs due to a decrease in land prices. The average price of one hundredths of land in the suburbs will decrease by a quarter and will be about 160 thousand. rubles. Thus, sellers from the contract try to revive the demand for cottages in the suburbs. In addition, thanks to such actions, life in the suburbs of the capital will also revive. From the beginning of this year alone, land prices in the suburbs fell by more than 21%. According to analysts, at the same time, the demand for land in the suburbs has grown by about 6%. Next year, a greater increase in demand is expected. Currently, the cost of one hundredth is on average about 235 thousand. rubles. At the same time, the cost of the land on average is a little more than five million rubles. The reason for such a fall in land prices can be as a change in buyers’ priorities, repulsive market, serious competition in this segment and other reasons. Real estate market experts believe that the average price for the site in the suburbs may decrease over the next year by about 15%. Thus, wide opportunities for development are opened to those people who were going to purchase a plot of land in the suburbs of Moscow. With the saved money from buying a cheaper site, you can significantly increase the level of comfort in the built cottage or house.