How to rent a country house in the region: what to take into account

Life in the house cannot be compared with life in a multi -storey panel building. Its apartment cannot in any way compare with its own house. But even if a person or seven does not have the opportunity to buy his own house, then you can always rent a house in the field. It will be much cheaper than buying your house or if you rent a house in Moscow. However, if you live in your home, every night and every night restores the body and the whole body of the person who lives in such a house. After all, in the house a person is close to nature. This manifests itself in literally, because a person is at a small distance from the ground. If a person lives in a multi -storey building, then he can live on the fifth, and even the twentieth floor. There is no contact to the ground as strong as it happens in the house. Therefore, the decision to rent your own home is a good decision. It can be argued that there will be more time to travel to work, to the city. But here everything is curly from the goal. If a person is in no hurry, if he is at rest, then these few hours that he will spend in the subway or electric trains will benefit him. He will contemplate all kinds of landscapes outside the window with great pleasure. Will consider what happens to his neighbors passengers. He will listen to the audiobook. Perhaps watch some good movie on a small portable player or netbook. But first of all, he can be alone with himself. See what happens in his mind and body, and become a little closer to happiness.