How to rent a house with a highlight: what to look for

Love everything unusual? Why not transfer the desire to surround yourself with a creative and to the real estate sphere? Modern architects daily offer us more and more interesting projects of country houses. Rest in real estate reminiscent of the housing of an alien guest will bring many pleasant emotions to the resting. Do not forget to make a selfie when you find yourself in such a “brainchild” of a creative architect.

If you are still far from the stay or purchase of the most daring design and architectural projects, then pay attention to existing proposals in the real estate market. Among hundreds of announcements on the sale and rental, you can find non -standard Townhaus or Quadrochaus, an elite mansion or cottage on the shore of Lake.

Each object for living has its own characteristics that allow it to make it unique. What houses should you pay attention to if you want to be in an environment, complete creative ideas and inspiration for work?

Firstly, in the center of your attention should be suburban mansions located near history and culture monuments. These can be the birth estates belonging to previously famous merchants, landowners and artists.

Secondly, renting a cottage for the weekend will give the guest new emotions if housing in a picturesque area will be chosen as a place for living and rest. House at the waterfall or Townhaus near the forest lake… In such real estate, you will want to spend not weekends, but a full vacation. There will be a reason to return to these places repeatedly. A short -term vacation will be in this case successful intelligence on the ground.

Thirdly, new architectural projects and ideas embodied in real housing for vacationers. Agree, it’s nice to return from a two -day vacation with gigabytes of photographs against the background of a modern building, which has no analogues in any country in the world.