How to rent an inexpensive number in the ancient city of Kvedlinburg

Kvedlinburg Ancient City located in the land of Saxony-Anhalt. In 1995, the old city, which also includes Schlosberg, was included in the list of world natural and cultural heritage of UNESCO. The city center includes about 1,600 houses, which are more than 600 years old. A huge number of guests come to see architectural memos in Kvedlinburg annually. Booking hotels in Kvedlinburg 3, 4, 5, stars who are always ready to hospitably meet tourists and passing. Hotels such as Domschatz, Ferienwohnung Im Schuhof will offer guests various numbers in the cost and comfortability. They all have pools, saunas, spa, gym halls and other services. Among the hotels of Kvedlinburg there are cheap and expensive. One of the inexpensive hotels is Himmel & Hölle – 3 stars, this is a medieval old residence located near the market city square. The Domschatz Hotel is enhanced by tourists, it is located in the Fakhwerk house, at the foot of the Burgberg Hill, which is about 200 years old. In the hotel, all rooms are issued according to individual design solutions.