How to rent housing through real estate agency

Not everyone who wants to live in a rented apartment can afford it. The rent is such that it is simply not everyone can master it alone.

Therefore, many people are grouped mainly by interests, for example: several students, workers of one enterprise, just sociable comrades. All these citizens are mainly grouped by 2-3 people and rent housing together, while dividing housing costs equally.

Any real estate agency, as in most cities, the Internet and the media are full of ads on renting apartments and rooms for rent, almost every pillar can be seen “rent an apartment”, so it will not be difficult to find housing. The main thing is not to get into trouble, not to encounter scammers, who are now a great many, and they are operating in all areas where you can get any benefit.

To prevent this from happening, it will not hurt to listen to the advice of smart and experienced people: if the cost of living a smaller average market price is proposed, then most likely fraudsters are in front of you; Do not pay the deposit when living together in the same apartment with the owners, when renting a part of the room or area that does not close the key; deal only with the owners of the rented housing and check the property for property; Before drawing up a lease agreement, do not present a passport by paying money for living or a security, be sure to take a receipt in which indicate the exact amount, date, address of this apartment and data from a person’s passport that has received money from you; All details and nuances are discussed with the owners at the first meeting: the amount of payment and the time of its application, utility bills, repair of household appliances and furniture, and other issues;You should ask the previous tenants and ask for the change of door locks, so as not to be robbed.

If everything behind and settlement took place, then that there is no short accommodation so that it was not to have to be moved away before the intended time, you should maintain cleanliness and order in rented housing, if possible to be friends with the neighbors and owners of the apartment, or at least try not to quarrel with them by whatever They did not find themselves, do not arrange noisy gatherings at night and other things, which may not like the owners and their neighbors. Then the owners will have no reason to evict you.