How to rent motionlessness in Thailand at a bargain price

In Thailand, many come for a soft climate, excellent beaches and for the indescribable color of this country. Moreover, you can go on vacation to this country independently, since the entrance to its territory is visa -free, and there are many Russian tourist agencies in the country itself. Many tourists are located in Thailand hotels, which are many. But a good alternative to hotels today was the rental of real estate in Thailand Pattaya. There are a lot of housing options, from inexpensive apartments and bungalows to the apartment of VIP class. The cost of renting housing is very different, it all depends on the village and the type of apartment. The most popular settlements are the island of Phuket, Pattaya, Samui. There is always a demand for offers here, so the cost of housing will be a little more expensive. The price depends on the location, the farther from the shore, the, of course, cheaper. Of course, the type of housing, furniture, the number of rooms, the availability of additional advantages affects the price. It is also worth taking into account the season of the trip and the lease term, the longer the term, the less usually the total cost. When renting housing in Thailand, you will have to follow some rules. It will be necessary to pay in addition for electricity and water supply. Before the settlement, the owner of the real estate will ask to pay an insurance premium, which is charged in case of damage to property. Under normal circumstances, the contribution is returned during eviction.