How to rent residential real estate in Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for downshifters. This country pleases with an abundance of exotic landscapes and the incredible beauty of plants. And you can live on the territory of this country without difficulties for a rather long time. At the same time, you can even rent your own apartment in Russia and receive a certain income for this. In Thailand, you can stop living in a hotel, but it is quite expensive, so it is best to rent housing. A great place to relax has always been considered and is considered the island of Phuket. Rent in Phuket, as many know, it is not at all difficult. After all, numerous agencies work here that help to quickly find suitable housing. If you find the agency immediately, then you can just find the nearest window, on which ads on the rental of apartments are hung. Most often, an agency is also located behind the advertisement, since it is customary to post advertising to the facade of the office building. The cost of renting housing in Phuket is noted at the level of 7-15 thousand baht per month. In dollars, this amount will be $ 200-500. A simple room in the city has the most affordable cost. Low prices are marked for rooms in slums. But if there is a desire to find housing on the coast, it will cost very expensive. If you found an apartment and noted in it the presence of the air conditioner, it will not hurt to determine the serviceability of it. Check the condition of the toilet and bath immediately, and then note if there are many bars and discos nearby. It is better to choose calm areas, since it will be difficult to sleep at night in areas with an abundance of entertainment centers, there will always be a noise on the street.