How to solve the housing issue: what to pay attention to

The housing issue today is the greatest importance and at the same time complexity. What is needed in order to get your corner? Consider the main options for resolving such a issue. First of all, it is necessary to start by setting a queue for those in need of improving housing and communal conditions. In order to commit this act, no obstacles exist.

The main document in this case, which stipulates all the nuances of this action is the Decree of the President 543 of November 16, 2009. However, before you get on the queue, it is necessary to take into account the following points. If earlier adult children could become in line and build their own housing, for a non -estate of their own, now this procedure has been tightened.

Now not only parents, its owners and recipients, but also their children have the right to use the premises. Square meters are also relying on you and you are their owner. Another moment contained in this decree is the fact that those who have worsened their living conditions do not have the opportunity to become a queue for five years. For example, if the children moved to a permanent place of residence to another city, then they have no right to immediately become in line. You can also not stand at two lines at once, this is in the case of a married couple. If the husband is in line, then the wife no longer has the right. If the husband and wife are registered and live in different places, then one of them should also be put on the line. Another points in the presidential decree are that children can only be in line after their majority.

At the same time, they will be able to stand in line like everyone else – in accordance with the permissible meter – 15 meters per person and living in two -room apartments Alekseevskaya grove, regardless of the gender. Now consider the very procedure for becoming a queue. In accordance with Article No. 44 of the Housing Code. The queue becomes strictly at the place of permanent residence, the place of work of the citizen. The calculation of the area coming to one family member is made on the basis of the size of the total area of ​​the entire dwelling. And it is made taking into account all who are registered and lives in a living room and has the right to use. The total area is the total, total area of ​​the floor of both residential and utility rooms of the apartment or house.