In the Chelyabinsk region, several new houses were commissioned at once

Optimistic forecasts for the construction and commissioning program in the Chelyabinsk region – in the coming year it is planned to commission one million six hundred seventy -one square meters. New quarters of modern multi -storey buildings, low -rise and individual houses will appear in Chelyabinsk. Such figures are given in accordance with the information provided by the administrations of municipalities to the regional Ministry of Construction, Infrastructure and Road Facilities.

In municipalities, a postponial analysis of the objects under housing belonging to the housing fund was conducted. As a result, an unambiguous conclusion was made that the program for entering new housing in 2013 in the region will be completed. Including directly in g. Chelyabinsk will be handed over more than one million square meters of high -quality apartments with a convenient layout that meets modern requirements. Last year, the entry of housing in the region made a record figure – more than 1.25 million square meters. The municipal authorities report that the Sosnovsky municipal district plans to put into operation by the end of 2013 174 thousand square meters. m., Zlatoust city district – 22 thousand square meters. m., Magnitogorsk city district will complete the construction of two hundred thousand square meters. m. housing stock.

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