Interactive three -dimensional computer models in construction

The construction industry can greatly benefit from the use of interactive three -dimensional computer models. These models provide medium modeling, which can include one or more of the following actions:

– Spatial visualization,

– Virtual interactive environment,

– forecasting the construction process of modeling an object of incomplete construction.

Despite the advantages provided by the interactive three -dimensional model of computer modeling, their use in the construction industry was limited by the complexity of the process. The restrictions were also imposed by the licensing right of the owners of such programs, setting them for exorbitantly high prices for engineers and contractors. With the development of technology, many modeling packages have become more affordable in the market, and they can be effectively used in the construction industry. These modeling programs offer various capabilities and functions that should be carefully appreciated by users in relation to their specific needs to choose the most suitable modeling package. Lack of manual and information about modeling technology using programs and applications available for construction can lead users to unwillingness to invest in a software package that cannot solve all their current and future needs.