Is it possible in Thailand to find inexpensive housing for living

Thailand is a land where everything is built on exotic and contrasts. Here the luxury of large cities is adjacent to the miserable poverty of the provinces, and the highest respect for the king – with dangerous folk uprisings. Surprisingly, the Vietnamese war contributed to the birth of resorts here. It was in a poor country that American soldiers came to rest after long battles. Now Thailand is the only independent country of Southeast Asia, which has become a favorite place to relax a huge number of people from around the world. Together with demand, the proposal has grown. Thailand “Up” numerous hotel complexes. Thai’s hotels combine an oriental, extremely luxurious interior and very civilized conditions for life. Many Thailand hotels offer their clients half -board. This means that even a low -class hotel class will enjoy all the benefits of an acceptable residence. You can also buy a ticket to Thailand from us. Thailand hotels are inexpensive, but the service in them is at the proper level. The price of a night usually depends on the location of the hotel. If you stop in the area of ​​the coastline, then, of course, the night will cost much more, especially in a large tourist city. Thailand hotels practice thematic tours of temples, museums in nature.