Is it possible to buy an apartment in Samara without intermediaries

Buying an apartment without intermediaries and agencies in our time is almost unrealistic. All the agencies that offer for a “small” fixed fee or for a certain percentage to buy, sell, rent or rent housing.

The problem is characteristic not only by big cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. In Samara, the problem is also acute. To date, several dozen offices are officially registered, which offer the sale of apartments in Samara. If you are going to purchase your own housing, then before starting the choice of the agency, ask the prices.

The cheapest apartment can be bought in the area from one and a half to two million rubles. It will be Khrushchev or a little family on the Moscow highway, in the area of ​​Antonova-Ovsienko streets, Karl Marx Avenue. The most expensive option today is new buildings. Residential complexes such as Sandra, Ostrov-2, Youth Quarter have already been commissioned and are waiting for their residents. Modern new buildings are mainly sold with normal repairs, plastic windows and metal doors. “Rainbow elite” along Solnechnaya Street is just one of the vivid examples. This is a large skyscraper with many outstands, a platform for children’s entertainment, parking, and the lower floors are specially made for supermarkets and shopping centers. Office premises are usually cheaper than the residents of this housing complex, which, in turn, adds interest to future buyers who are engaged in entrepreneurial activities.