Is it possible to buy an apartment without intermediaries housing in Novosibirsk

The real estate market is the market that, by and large, is no crises, because it will exist in no way. And, if there were no sales as such before the collapse of the USSR, but only the exchange of apartments took place, now much has changed. Apartments, and in general, any real estate is bought/sold or rented out and the region does not matter.

Real estate in Novosibirsk, as in other cities of Russia, is presented in a huge assortment. The most important factor in the purchase and sale of real estate is the price for it. Given that the cost per square meter in new buildings only does not much exceed the cost of secondary housing, more and more people seek to purchase housing in a new building.

The question is different: where to buy an apartment without intermediaries and how not to get involved in a fraudulent operation. If you discard the sixth feeling and a thorough verification of documentation, real estate in Novosibirsk, however, how else should you look at the proven portals. One of them is Novosibirsk. Volgastroy. ru, on which different types of real estate are presented in a huge assortment. In addition to apartments and suburban housing, commercial real estate is also presented here, as well as ready -made business offers.